Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lists, Gaps and Fireworks

Nancy, the same friend that inspired this blog in the first place, recently posted her life list, the 100 things she really wants to do.   I have also been working on a bucket list (something about being 50-ish, I think) but I am nowhere near ready to post it.  Nonetheless, I am very excited because tonight I might get to cross off one item that is sure to make my top 100. 

So here it is:

See the northern lights.

I have long been fascinated by the stunning photographs of the northern lights but have never actually seen them.   We once traveled to Alaska - as far north as Fairbanks-  but since it was about the time of the summer solstice,  the midnight sun was the astronomical feature of interest, not the aurora borealis!   I have been excited all day because this morning I saw an article on CNN.com that indicated that there might be an opportunity to see the aurora tonight, even at our relatively southerly latitude.  Apparently, the sun is emerging from a relatively inactive period and had a rather dramatic coronal eruption last Sunday. The eruption sent tons of ions our way and when they interact with the earth’s magnetic field (late tonight or early tomorrow) we may be treated to some rather spectacular natural fireworks – possibly as far south as the lower peninsula of Michigan. 

So late tonight I will be outside searching for a dark place with an unobstructed view of the northern sky, camera ready to record the event.   Keep your fingers crossed!  If I the aurora is visible tonight, that will leave only 99 things on my list.

There are lots of gaps in my experiences and education that need to be filled. There is so much to see, so much to learn and so much to do! 

On the gratitude front, today I am grateful that several of my friends have been very encouraging about this blog project.  I started out feeling a little foolish, but am already eagerly thinking about my next post.  The possibility that someone is reading  makes this whole journaling process more enticing.  So thanks!

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