Sunday, August 1, 2010

The August Pledge

By her shining (shiny?) example, my friend Nancy has inspired me to begin blogging on a regular basis. So, I pledge to post something to this blog every day during the month of August. This might get a little tricky since I will be traveling for about 10 days this month. However, there will never be a perfect time, and this is as good a time as any to start this endeavor.

Those of you who know me already know that I am just a teeny bit ‘type A.’ Actually, my husband would say, “Not type A, type A+.” This means that when I begin a new project, it needs to be for a reason. I need a goal. I need a plan. I need some structure. This makes blogging a real challenge because it is, by its very nature, much more spontaneous than that. Also, it seems that there is a certain level of audacity in posting what amounts to a daily journal- a certain level of arrogance that people in the big world care about my thoughts and perspectives. So I ask those self-defeating questions: Who will read it? (In truth, probably not too many people) Why would anyone want to read it? (They probably won’t) It becomes very, very easy be defeated. (In fact, I am already thinking that this is a bad idea…)

So, let’s be clear from the start. I am not putting this out there because I have delusions that anyone will be interested outside of a small circle of friends and maybe not even them. To an outsider, I am probably pretty boring. I do not lead an extraordinary life. I live an ordinary life- so perfectly ordinary that it might be considered extra ordinary. Hence the name of this blog: “extraOrdinary Ramblings.”

The next obvious question is: why a blog and not just a journal? I have tried to write journals off and on for years. What usually happens is that I’ll write for a few days, or even a week or maybe two, but then I’ll sort of lose interest. I have told a couple of people about my August pledge and being accountable for a daily posting MIGHT help to see it through. (Did I mention that I am the tiniest bit type-A? That I need structure?)

What is in store for the month of August? Well, you should not be surprised to know that I do have a few things in mind. Here is a partial list:

The weather: J People must be interested in the weather- there is a 24/7 television show that is ONLY about weather. Is weather REALLY that interesting?

Making things: why cooking, photography and gardening keep me sane.

Gratitude: One thing every day that I am grateful for with no repeats

About blogs: When you think about it, blogs pose some interesting juxtapositions. They are very anonymous and simultaneously very public. They exist everywhere, yet really exist nowhere. They are ephemeral but oddly concrete. More later…

Mini-reviews of books and movies: this is really for me because I hope that writing about them will help me remember them better.

Instant Gratification: I don’t believe in it, but you’ll have to wait a while to learn why!

You probably won’t see a lot about my family even though they are absolutely central to my life. This is because I don’t think they want their activities broadcast on the web. If they do, they can write their own blogs. Besides, this isn’t a Christmas newsletter.


We’re off and running.

Today, I am grateful for the birds in my backyard. Due to a number of recent disruptions in our household routine, my bird feeders had been empty for a couple of weeks. This morning, I filled them and within the hour, the chickadees, cardinals and finches were back. I was delighted to see them again and glad that they were back before the squirrels. I don’t mind feeding the squirrels though. Unlike my mother, who abhorred all rodents, I think squirrels are cute—and you’ve got to admire their tenacity in getting to that bird food!

Tenacity: Another good topic for another day.

There! My entry for August 1, posted with 13 minutes to spare!


  1. I like the squirrels too. :)

  2. I'm working my way backward through your posts ... how cool to see that I inspired you! I'll make this a new daily habit now!