Sunday, September 19, 2010

Too much to ask

Organizer Deb:  Ok.  Time to stop and think. 

Blogger Deb:  Think?  About what?

ODeb:  Anything.  It is time to write the Sunday Blog.

BDeb:  Ah, the Sunday blog.  Whose stupid idea was that anyway?

ODeb:  Well, I believe it was yours.

BDeb:  Mine?  Couldn’t be.  Why would I suggest that?  I think it was your idea.

ODeb:  Nope.  I clearly remember saying that writing a blog on a regular basis would be impossible once the academic year started.  You're the one that said,"but I am having fun with this."  You said, "Let’s not stop altogether once August is over."  You said...

BDeb:  Once a week seemed like a fair compromise.  I was having fun with writing daily throughout August.  Now it's just a Sunday thing.

ODeb:  Right, and today is Sunday.  Have you thought about what you want to write?

BDeb:  Of course I did.  I thought a lot about it.

ODeb:  And what did you come up with?

BDeb:  I didn’t exactly decide on anything.  Mostly I thought that I should start thinking about it.

ODeb:  Great.  Now  it’s Sunday night and we have other things to do to get ready for the week and you are just now thinking about thinking about it?

BDeb:   Will you just chill?  You know I do my best thinking under pressure.

ODeb:  (Sighing deeply)  Yes, that is true.  But do you  always have to think under pressure?   Couldn’t you  do this ahead of time, just once?  

BDeb:  Sure.  Next week.  I promise.

ODeb:  Yeah. Right….. Why is it that every Sunday night, you tell me that next week, you’ll get this done in advance but then you never do?  You know we will just have this same argument next week.

BDeb:   I think it is called procrastination.

ODeb:  Yeah, thanks.  I know what it is called. But why do you do it?

BDeb:  Give me a break!  There you are, acting all high and mighty about my tendency to procrastinate about writing a blog.  But you know that it is not just the blog.  You procrastinate too.  You said it yourself just yesterday.  You asked your friend, “Why is it that I get so much more done when I don’t have time to do anything?”  

ODeb:   Exactly!  I don't procrastinate.

BDeb:  Ha!  Of course you do!.  When you are super busy you know you have squeeze things in whenever you can,  but if you think you have a little extra time to get something done, you put it off until later.  Just like me.  That is why you like being overly busy.  The external structure eliminates the need for self discipline.  Like right now...   Is the house ready for the cleaning ladies?  Are your things ready for work?   You've had all weekend to do both of those things!

ODeb:  That's different!  I...

BDeb:  (Interrupting) You should be glad that I am writing this at all.  You know  your past history of regular writing is… well… how shall I put it?  Oh yes, abysmal.  My  blogging has been much more consistent than any other writing you’ve ever done. 

ODeb:  Ok.  I’ll give you that.  But, please, all I am asking you to do is write a short blog once a week and not leave it to the last minute.  Is that too much to ask?

:  Apparently so.

ODeb:  (sighing deeply again) Yes, you are probably right.   Ok.  So have you thought of anything yet?

Today I am grateful for deadlines.  As much as I hate them, they keep me going.  I used to believe that discipline and structure inhibited creative work, but I know understand that for me at least, without them, I would never get anything done.  Anyone else have this problem?


  1. Made me laugh cuz I recognize that conversation!

  2. Oh my God, how did O and B get out of my head and onto this page????

  3. I blame grad school. I never ever ever procrastinated and was always on time for everything. Then I came here.