Tuesday, July 3, 2012

J'adore l'été

Summertime, and the living is easy...
Summertime and the living is good!

Here are a few reasons I love summer.  

  • Bike riding.
  • Despite being perpetually cold most of the year, even I don't need a jacket (except in movie theaters!).
  • Lingering on the deck for a second cup of coffee before work.
  • Fresh herbs from my backyard garden.
  • Saginaw's Lawnchair Film festival, especially when accompanied by a Mudslide from the Redeye.
  • Homemade fresh berry sorbet right out of the ice-cream freezer.
  • Chilled sauvignon blanc in the sweet fresh air of a cool Michigan evening.
  • Finding the neighbors outside and taking time to chat with them while walking the doggie.
  • The dappled sunlight through my red maple tree right outside my study window.
  • The summer plumage of the goldfinches and house finches that frequent my thistle feeder.
  • Flowers EVERYWHERE.  
  • Fireworks on Ojibway Island.
  • Fresh corn,tomatoes, and other veggies from Hemmeter Market.

Tonight's dinner before it got turned into grilled veggie kabobs!
Ah yes, summertime. Very good indeed.

Today, I am grateful for the warmth and bounty of summer.  

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