Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rain, rain, come to stay...

Usually the absence of a bad thing is a good thing.  The absence of illness is wellness.  The absence of disease is health.  The absence of rain is sunshine. The absence of cold weather is warm weather.

What's not to like about wellness and health?

Nothing, of course.
This guy would be at home in Michigan this year.

What's not to like about sunshine and warm weather?

Nothing, of course.

Except when they go on day after day after day after day.

And the ground dries up.
And the crops die.
And vulnerable populations suffer.
And basic food gets very expensive.
And forests burn.

The United States is in the midst of a very long stretch of very good weather.  So very good that it is very bad.

The drought, which is the worst in my lifetime, and probably yours, now covers more than half of the continental U.S.  and according to NPR it may be one of the ten most expensive weather disasters in U.S. history.

Usually disasters come in the form of dramatic events- hurricanes, tornados, blizzards- tangible, immediate, and obvious.  This drought has worked its damage insidiously, sneaking up on us in the form of sunny summer days-- those hazy lazy days of summer.  A little hot maybe,  but perfect for summer fun at the beach or pool.  

Too much of a good thing is very bad indeed.

I think it is time for some bad weather. Like a rain that will go on for days-- a rain that will go on and on until people complain about the lousy weather.

Because sometimes a bad thing is a very good thing indeed.

I am grateful for the short rain shower we had this afternoon, although it will not even make a dent in the long term outlook for the central U.S.

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