Friday, July 6, 2012

Out of focus

Some days I can't get started
Wondering which shoe to put on first
Or should I brush my teeth
Before or after I put on my shirt
So many big decisions
Boiled or scrambled, fried or even raw
I'm so damn open-minded
Used to think I'm lucky but I'm cursed

........ and it's all too much
                                     -Joe Jackson

It's the weekend, and the 2 days off stretch in front of me with infinite possibility.  Finally, I'll have the chance to straighten up my frame shop and get started on some photo-framing projects.  But first, I'll have to sort through the thousands of images to decide which ones I want to frame.  I'll have time to finish writing the stories about our summer travels for the Ancestor Project.  I'd better get up early tomorrow to weed the garden before the oppressive heat sets in. We're hoping for a bike ride sometime-- maybe tomorrow evening when it starts to cool down-- and it is time to make some homemade blueberry jam now that the local berries are in.  I'll take some time to read; inspired by my recent travels, I am reading A Short Introduction to Modern China and with my new knowledge of 20th century Chinese history, I'm re-reading Wild Swans and finding it so much more meaningful.  Actually, I would really like to finish Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla first, since I started it before I left for my trip.  Now that I think of it, I started Nelson Mandela's autobiography even earlier and it is utterly fascinating.  Recently, I  saw an articleabout William Faulkner, and it made me want to read Absalom, Absalom, which despite my long-term appreciation for Faulkner, I have never actually read.  I have been promising myself that I will learn a few Mandarin Chinese characters each week, so maybe I'll see about getting started with that too.  Or maybe, instead of learning a whole new language, I should brush up on the German that I do know.  I have been wanting to learn piano, but then again, maybe I should dust off my bassoon or clarinet since I already have lots of experience with those instruments.  The larder is a little bare, so grocery shopping is a definite plan and oh, yeah, Al and I are thinking about buying a new cabinet to store fancy glassware, so we really should start looking to see what we can find.  ZigZag will need a couple of walks; it has been so hot lately that we haven't been out much, and I am sure she misses her evening constitutionals.  

I'm sure glad I get to relax a little before next week, because I have a lot of things to catch up on at work.  I have been gone a lot this summer and I am behind on a few major projects.

I think you get the picture.  Lots of choices.  All good.  You would think with so many great choices, I'd get lots of things done.  But the problem is that with so many things to choose from, some days I can't get started.  Then I don't do anything at all.  And that makes me grouchy and cranky.  Just ask Al.

Camera technology has come a long way since I started taking photography seriously.

Wow!  That was an abrupt transition.  But please bear with me.  There is a point.  
I promise.

Like I said, camera technology has come a long way since I started taking photography seriously.  For example, my first 35 mm film cameras were pretty primitive compared to what I use today. They did have built in light meters, but focusing was all manual.  To focus the camera, there was a little circular split screen in the middle of the viewfinder.  To focus the image, I had to place something in that spot that had sharp edges so I could align the two sides of the center circle.  It sounds complicated, but was pretty easy once you got used to it.  

Left side is out of focus, right side is in focus.  (images stolen from Wikipedia)

The key, however, was that I had to know what I was focusing on.  It is not possible, even with current technology, to focus accurately on all objects in an image simultaneously.  My current camera gives me about 40 different focusing options- full manual, and 39 different focal spots to select from.  But even with so many choices, I still have to identify the key element.   There are lots of choices, many of which could work, but if I don't choose something to focus on, the image will almost certainly be disappointing. 

Sort of like this weekend if I don't make some choices.  In many ways, it doesn't  matter what I decide to do.  I just need to pick something and get going.  I wonder what it will be. 

Any suggestions?

Today I am grateful that there are so many interesting options in my life.  Not cursed,  not at all.  Lucky.  Very.

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  1. Blueberries, bike ride and bassoon! Oh, so many lovely choices. I can't imagine you being grouchy and cranky. I'm sure you'll find your focus:)